I got to have a little bit of a rest from the rigors of bag making this week. I had a lot of fun catching up on mending, and doing some much needed creative sewing. We got to go to Hobby Lobby on Monday and I was so excited! I know so silly, but I was starting to go into a Hobby Lobby withdrawal! I hadn’t been there in two in a half weeks! I know, I know, so sad. Winking smile Well my little sister and I were in some desperate need of some new modest nightgowns. I like to put my nighty on when  the littles go to bed (partially because we share a room and they are supposed to be sleeping and I am supposed to stay out, and partially because I like to be comfy for the last hour or so I am awake. I usually curl up on the couch with a good book or some informative book to study.  So it is important to me to have something modest to wear as I will be around my brothers. I know this is weird but it is always so hard to find the right nightgown. They are either too short, or too low in the neck or the armholes are too big. I really love these nightgowns! They are super comfy and so pretty.

When my sister and I were at Hobby Lobby with my Mom, we picked out the fabric together. I took FOREVER trying to decide as my poor patient little sister can attest to. She had hers picked out within five minutes and I took a good 15 to 20. She is such a patient little sweetie to her annoyingly indecisive sister. It wasn’t till later in the week as I was cutting them out that I realized that we picked coordinates! So funny. Even after that long decision I still like hers betterWinking smile

Here is Her nightgown. She doesn’t’ like hers quite as long as her old fashioned sister. (mine has to practically drag on the floor which it does anyway because I am so short. Also, it is just so much more romantic!) And she wanted short sleeves so here it is! So CUTE!


And here is mine! Again I love it long!!! (sorry about the picture color, It is nighttime.) the Turquoise is the same as the flowers in the above one.  I had a little goof with this one. I measure the finished length and it was supposed to be a foot longer than I was! I think sewing patterns are made for really skinny giants. I am usually a size 8  but they think I am size 14! HA! now that is so annoying! I re-measure myself each time hoping there was a typo. So I made it 10 inches shorter in hopes that it would not be to long still. But I They were wrong about the length and I had to use the scraps to add another ruffle to the bottom. But it still looks cute right?


If anyone is interested in ordering one, I was thinking $45.00 for the long one and $40.00 for the short one. And If I do different sleeves that will affect the price somewhat. As I may need more fabric. I can do long sleeve, short sleeve and sleeveless.

Another great thing this week. A very sweet lady came and bought some of Mama’s things, and she also purchased 2 bags! She had bought one previously but her daughter confiscated it. Smile The really cool thing is, is that she bought the only two bags I had duplicates of, so now I still have plenty for the Allegan Antique Market this weekend. I hope it was a good start to a great weekend. I can’t wait to go and see some friends tomorrow at the market for set up. Precious George and Susan of All My Musings among others. So excited! Can’t wait!

By His Grace,


P.S. my goofball paralegal brother decide to hi-jack my post while I was away from the computer for a minute. This is what he wrote. Please note that his hilariously funny offer does not apply. Winking smile He is such a goof! But that is one of the many reason that I love him. He can always make me laugh!

So I decided to take a sabbatical from bag making and try my hand at making a night gown. The print is a gorgeous blue pattern on a white background. You will of course notice my amazing ruffles and grace tag. Pretty fantastic, if I do say so myself. This beautiful night gown can be yours for the low price of $39.95. BUT WAIT! Call in the next 10 minutes and I will throw in a free ruffle bag. Hurry, supplies are limited and will be sold on a first-come-first-serve basis.