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Genre: Action/Adventure
Publisher: Sarah Addison-Fox
Publication Year: 2018
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My Rating: 4 stars

Can I just start off by saying that Sarah’s writing has been a breath of fresh wind for me? Coming off of reading the middle two Allegiance books, I was not mad at all at the idea of reading this book. Also, did someone say Mulan? Cause that movie is one of my faves!

Girl dressing up as a boy to save her hide? Swashbuckling tales of high adventure? Kingdom politics and missions of impossible nature? Sign me up!

Sarah Addison-Fox is fantastic at world building and sucking you into her books. Honestly, I have not read anything so engrossing than her books in a long time. They pull you in and don’t let you out until after they have set your head spinning and leaving you salivating for the next installment.

Speaking of next installment. . . this woman can dangle a hook with the best of them. Honestly though, these cliffhangers make for some of the most exciting reading. And she is not going to disappoint! Thank heaven that she wrote them all first and is releasing them one a month till the trilogy is out. I don’t know if I can handle too much of a break. LOL!

If you love adventure stories, kingdom fiction, and writing that won’t let you put the book down, you will really enjoy this book!

Just a heads up to some of my younger readers, I would definitely say this book is for an older YA audience, unless you are cool with the content I outline below. It didn’t bother me much, but if you are prone to find these things unacceptable, this might not be your cup of tea.

Content: Highlight below for viewing as it contains spoilers.
Uses of mild swear words such as da** and he**. Hadley is dressing as a boy and therefore doesn’t want to bathe with the rest of the men. Physical attraction is high once Kade discovers she is a girl and mentions of him finding her body attractive are mentioned briefly throughout the book. Mild violence with stabbings, Kade kills numerous people throughout the story and there are several fights.

Have you picked up your copy of this book yet?

By God’s Grace,