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Hello Lovelies! So as I started to write this post and compile the list of my favorites, I realized. . . there are more of course, but these are the ones that came to mind that I could watch over and over and still enjoy them! So that is how I narrowed it down a little bit. I hope you enjoy this concise and by no means exhaustive list. Pardon my moments of fangirling if you can.


Hidden Figures

THIS MOVIE. Where do I start? How about I start with the fact that it is set in a time period of which I am particularly fond. The 40’s and 50’s. And in pretty much every one of my movies I always will swoon over the wardrobe. So let’s get that out of the way real quick. SWOON. The wardrobe is superb! The colors, the authenticity, the perfection. . . Can I wear all the clothes all day? ahem. Moving on. The story ya’ll. It is so beautiful. Now, I know what you might be thinking, some of you might think that a movie like this might be extremely feminist, and I of course am not a huge fan of such themes, but this movie had next to none of that. These women were working for their country and considered it their duty. They were also working for their families as was the case for one of the ladies, Katheryn. Mary might have been the only one with a feministic bent, but when supported by her husband, I could do nothing but applaud. The skill with which the lives of these women are portrayed and the social injustices of the day. . . masterful. And the FEELS! *spoiler* When the boss man made his feelings known on the way his employees were treating someone of a different color. . . Tears of joy! YOU TELL EM! And to wrap up my mini review, this movie was based on a true story, about true women, true heroines, and true mothers. I also loved the fact that the filmmakers didn’t shy away from religion and family. Each of the women was shown in a roll of motherhood (so sweet!) and in church and prayer. Gotta love that!
*this movie does contain several utterances of minor swear words*


Amazing Grace

Be still my heart. . .this is and has been one of my very favoritest movies in the whole wide world. It is the story of William Wilberforce and his associates as they fought against the slave trade in England. THE COSTUMES. Swoon. But forget the costumes because this story is one you will never forget. The filmmaking was beautiful in such a feeling way and the story itself is so powerful as one man follows his convictions and his calling and changes the world. You must see this movie, if only to make me happy. *cheesy grin* The spiritual themes, the powerful tale, and the magnificent filmography is something you will not want to miss and will probably treasure on your shelf as I have. You may just want to watch it 15 times in one year. I have never done this of course.
*instances of minor English swear words*


Emma (BBC)

This was actually the first Jane Austen movie I ever watched. Romola Garai (who also stars in another of my favorite films, Amazing Grace) was epic-ly amazing in this adaption of Jane Austen’s novel. It isn’t too short, nor is it too long and all of the characters were adorably perfect. The annoying ones, the funny ones, the tragic ones and the sweet ones. Although Frank Churchill can take a hike. He drove me nuts. (in a good way of course) From the very beginning I wanted to smack that guy. ahem. Moving on. The costumes of course were fabulous. The filming was gorgeous, the settings superb!!!! It was just stunning and beautiful to watch. I loved this one because the romance wasn’t in your face (which for some reason is what I expected of Jane Austen). It was so sweet, laid back and didn’t happen for a long time. Mostly because Emma didn’t want to marry. #MrKnightleyForever


Sherlock Holmes: Game of Shadows

Okay, so this review I am going to start off with the disclaimer that I watched edited versions with all and any bad stuff cut out. Three cheers for techno wizzes of brothers. And VidAngel (which needs to come back)

That being said, I found these movies charmingly delightful. I watched the first one once and didn’t like it as much as the second. HELLO? Moriarty is in that one! Robert Downey Jr. and Jude Law’s portrayal of the famous Holmes and Watson were unparalleled and the best as far as I am concerned. They were hilarious and heart-wrenching by turns. The flair of the film is so good. Just the look, the feel of the movie is so amazing. It has the dirty London, mysterious, awesome feeling. Just the best. And I have already talked about the wardrobes from the movies in this post. So I won’t swoon over them again. *tries very hard not to swoon*
*This movie contains several inappropriate scenes that was cut out of the version I watched and probably a few swear words that I do not remember.*


So that is all for the first installment. . .what do you think? Have you seen any of these movies? What is your favorite movie of all time that you want to recommend?

By God’s Grace,