This might be an interesting post and I will try to make as much sense as possible,
I am coming at this from two different angles.
One. Every person learns differently. If you are like me, I learn things by experience. I need to do them myself to really get the hang of it and understand after someone tells or shows me how to do something. In my family, since there were 9 kids, I found it very interesting as it gave me a front row seat to see how so many different people did everything just a little bit different.

One of the options with homeschooling is there is this huge freedom to choose your own path and your own curriculum that might be more tailored towards how you learn. Numerous of my brothers had difficulty learning to read due to sensory issues. We were able to find curriculum that taught them in a way that broke down those barriers and made it easier for them to grasp concepts. Another example is that I really struggled learning algebra with the bare bones curriculum that my older brothers had used. The different one that I started to use that was on DVD’s in lecture format that showed me how to work the problems was a lot easier for me to understand than just the ‘read a textbook’ format. Whereas before my grades were C on average, they jumped back up to an A or a B+.
Public schools are incredibly cookie cutter. And while there have been advancements in that area as of late, there is still so much to be said for tailoring the learning to a one on one instant for a child. Teachers do an amazing job and there are so many great ones out there, but they are responsible for so much and have to teach 10-30 kids at one time. That’s a lot on their plate.
Point two is when it comes to what most people term as learning disabilities. ADD, ADHD, and other such issues can be handled inappropriately in a public school. Again, there have been many advancements in this area as of late, but still not enough to the point where I would be assured that my child would be getting the proper teaching. I don’t honestly know how I feel when it comes to special need classes.
I hope I expressed myself well in this post and that I made sense.
I also wanted to recap in this post due to some comments that I have gotten recently. I am in no way saying that homeschooling is the only option, or the best option. I think that this is a personal choice for each parent involved and I believe that God will guide you if you seek him and that you can send your child to public school with much success. This is just a personal choice for me and something that I feel very led and guided to pursue for myself and my family. Also, this series is a personal exploration in my own findings, research and convictions for myself.
Thank you all for reading this series. I have been incredibly blessed by being able to write this series, even if just to firm up and solidify my own beliefs and choices.

By God’s Grace,