Now this does not by any means exclude any public schoolers from this as well because I have meet many of them who have a fabulous work ethic, but I do feel like my drive for learning/work ethic was born and fueled from my experience homeschooling.
There is a certain level of these qualities that is a result of a drivenness that is a family trait, but my drive to learn and to always be doing something, accomplishing goals, moving forward in life etc, has a huge part of homeschooling.
The way that homeschooling worked for us, due to there being so many of us and just being a self-taught learner herself…  My mom taught really instilled the drive to learn in us. After we were past the point of needing to have one on one time for every subject, we did a lot of learning on our own. We were given a daily and weekly goal to accomplish with each subject and most of the curriculums were “read the lesson and work the problems” type of books. Or they were lectures on DVD. Therefore, we did a lot of self-learning throughout my middle and high-school careers.
This not only fueled my love of learning, but also fueled my desire to learn and to work. I love accomplishing things and checking them off my list. It also pushed me to be more diligent with each of my tasks and perform them to the best of my ability.
While homeschooling wasn’t the only thing that created a good work ethic in me, I feel like it really taught me how important it is in my life.
What do you think?
By God’s grace,