Tomorrow is the Allendale “Artisan and Craft Market”! Yay! So excited! I am knocking stuff off my list like crazy!

Allendale Artisan and Craft Market Place Event flyer


I’ve made 5 new Messenger Bags and 4 Wallets to match them. Upping the inventory just a little. Smile Looking forward to it! What’s left on the to-do list

~ Do a mock booth set up

~ Make sure everything fits

~ Pack all of my wares

~ Pack a Tagging and Cash Register box

~ Pick out my outfit and Iron it

~ Clean my room

~ Take and Inventory

~ Make a lunch

~Photograph items before I pack them.

Oye Vey! lots more to do than I thought!

My sister tapped on the door and told me to give her a pair of scissors. They were playing outside and I came to the door to see my little brother, hanging upside down from the swing set by his boot lace. Poor kid! But I have to admit, he probably did have it coming to him. He is one of the adventurous ones in our family! Well, everyone in our family is adventurous in different ways. Winking smile



I love my sewing machine! This Puppy can carry a heavy load! Going through lots of layer of heavy canvas!



Look at these lovely wallets! So pretty!



Looking forward to tomorrow! Will take pictures and post them later!

By His Grace,