This is the second post in a series I am creating on my blog as an encouragement to other writers. You can check out my first and best tip here!



There is a major pitfall lots of writers fall into. Me included. The booby trap is right there ready to capture you, and suck you down into its black depressing depth. It sucks the joy and the life right out of writing. Us writers use writing to express our emotions, feelings, and let our creative side out. But the pitfall is this. Not writing for you.

As simple as it sounds, writing for YOU is so important. Don’t write genres that are “popular” just so they will sell or get recognized. Don’t always throw romance into a story just because “people like that”. Don’t write murder mysteries because you think “people like gore and that stuff”.

You need to write what you love! Write what makes you happy!

If your heart goes pitter patter over medieval stories with the horses, knights and armor. Write what you love!

If you get so excited over Civil War stuff. The military, the intrigue, the injustice: Write what you love!

If you think that modern times is so cool and you like writing about people and their emotions and issues. . . Write what you love!

If you like all of the above. . . Don’t limit yourself to just one thing. Hop around! That’s what I do! I find that History has so much depth and richness, but I like making stuff up too! Variety is the spice of life. Whatever you feel like writing right now. . . . write it without worrying about whether or not people will like it. Write it because YOU want to write it! Make yourself happy, then your happiness with shine through in your writing and other people will feel the genuineness of it, and that will attract them.


When you write something that you can’t really connect with, it can feel forced. Write something that you are passionate about and let that passion, emotion and creativity shine through!

There is only one you and it will be unique. God made each of us special with different thoughts and emotions. Let your individuality come through your writing.

So Write For YOU!



What do you love to write about?

By God’s Grace,