The lights were bright in her eyes contrasting with the darkness of the stage. She looked every inch the princess with her gorgeous gauzy dove grey gown and her long hair curled pulled away from her face with flowers scattered throughout. She should be confident, but why did she feel so vulnerable? Why did her throat feel so dry she was afraid she would choke if she opened her mouth? She had the voice of an angel, the ability of a professional, the clarity of a bird. Why was there this fear inside of her? So many had told her she would do so well, but now that she was here, in the heat of the lamps, under the gaze of thousands of people, she wanted to melt away into the floor.

Lord, why am I here? I am scared.

A gentle voice filled her mind.

Why are you afraid? Of what? Of whom?

Of failing. Of them laughing, mocking me. Hating me.

No need to fear. I gave you this gift. No one can hate you enough to overturn My love. Simply share the gift I have given you. Sing for Me.

Memories of a verse floated through her thoughts. There is no fear in love. Perfect love casts out fear.

With tears in her eyes that glistened like diamonds, she looked above all of the expectant, skeptical faces. Looked into the darkness above the balcony.

Use me for you Jesus.

She opened her mouth and her voice floated like butterflies on a soft summer breeze. She closed her eyes and gave herself up to the music. The melody lifted her spirit to the presence of the One who loved her no matter what.


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By His Grace,