Alice searched through the books, hoping desperately to find something that would enlighten her as to what her husband’s illness was. The Doctors had lost all hope. The pessimistic words of the men of medicine fell on stubborn ears however. She would not give up, something deep inside of her refused to give in to the inevitable reality. Her stubbornness is what brought her to her present predicament; secretly searching through the library of the greatest physician in England.

The man was so busy and often on tour and giving lectures, that she had failed to attain an appointment with him. His secretary had been brusque in her rejection of Alice’s desire to consult with him. So she took matters into her own hands and entered his domicile late in the afternoon of this day. It had been easy sneaking in. For a man of such means, his house was not very well guarded. It had taken but the slightest push with a kitchen knife on the latch of the window in his study to gain an opening large enough for an entrance. She had spent the last several hours searching through all of the books and had yet to find something that would give her any insight. Perspiration moistened her skin and the air felt hot and clammy as the shadows lengthened. Her breath came quickly with excitement. At last! Something that seemed to speak of similar symptoms to those of her husband.

She was so engrossed in reading what she had found that she did not hear the door open softly behind her, nor the tread of slippered feet.
A clearing of the throat roused her from her perusal of the medical journal. She started and turned suddenly, clutching the book to her chest which heaved in fright.

“Young lady, can I help you?” It was the Physician himself! She blushed. How on earth was she to explain her presence?


I went with something of a little less interest than normal in hopes to challenge myself a bit. It worked! I have been reading Pride and Prejudice for the first time and it showed in my writing I think.

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