“You’re insane!”

“I know! Isn’t it great?”

“You are so weird!” I slapped my brother on the arm while trying to suppress a grin. He could be a royal pain at times but the one thing about Alan is that he could always make me laugh. Even in the direst of circumstances. And even when laughing was the last thing on my mind to do.

“Takes one to know one.”

This time an outright laugh escaped my closely buttoned lips.

“So do you want to do it or not?” He waggled his eyebrows and winked.

“Go to the beach and swim?! Now!? It’s freezing! Who swims in Lake Michigan in March?”

“Well, we’re going to.”

“You’re insane.” I shook my head.

“So you’ve said. Are you coming or not?”

“Since my sarcasm isn’t working on you. . . no.”

“Great, I’ll get your suit out of storage.” He turned to leave the room with a determined step.

“Hey!” I squealed. “I said no!”

“I was pretending I didn’t hear that. Come on sis, lots of people are doing the Polar Plunge!” now he was begging.

“Look, I know it’s a worthy cause, for the Special Olympics and everything, but I just can’t see myself jumping into a still frozen lake and pretending like I’m in the Bahamas.” I folded my arms. I was not going into that water, no way, no how.

Later that day, I stood up in the frigid water and made a dash for the shore, shivering like some crazy person and screaming like a little girl. I swore icicles hung from my nose. Alan ran beside me and splashed me. I ignored him. I had ended up here by listening to him. With one more mighty shiver, I finally reached shore. The sand didn’t even squish between my toes it was that cold and frozen. I glared at Alan. Never again. Though secretly, I was happy he had convinced me.

Wait till I could lord it over the girls at work. They’d never hear the end of it till they tried it. I chuckled evilly. Yes, this could be fun.


I decided to do a more fun and upbeat prompt this week. Oftentimes, the prompts that I do can be pretty heavy with some really raw emotions. This one was fun and I was actually able to tie in something relatively local to myself. The Polar Plunge is real. And yes, they do jump into often times water that is so cold it still has ice cubes in it. I am just the type of person who would be crazy enough to do this too! It is also something they do in other places in the country.


Let me know what you thought of this prompt in the comments below!

By His Grace,