Tears of pain and gut-wrenching sorrow streamed down her face, mixing with the ashes and dirt that streaked her skin. The fire and heat threatened her very breaths with its power.

It had been a normal day, working as a maid servant for her mistress, the Lady Constance. She had returned home, enjoyed a meal with her family, then headed to the barn to complete her chores for the evening. The sounds of yelling and cries for help, crashing, pounding and riotous laughter woke her from a nap in the haymow. She had looked out a hole in the barn wall and witnessed the plunder of her house by marauders.

She had heard of the attacks that had been becoming more frequent across the kingdom, but to witness one with her own eyes and for it to be on her own family and belongings . . .

She had always thought herself safe. And the worst part was, she was too afraid to do anything about it. She stood, frozen in terror inside the barn loft, tears threatening her eyes as her stomach twisted in knots. She was unable to move, to shout, to breathe. . . and as a result, she wasn’t with her family when they died.

Alysia started awake with a cry of torment on her lips and nearly wet with perspiration. She threw the blankets from her, hoping to cool the incessant heat that pervaded her being. Whether it was the memory of the fire, the nightmare, the terror or all three, she could not tell. Shaking, she stood before a window. The pain of that night, ten years ago, would live with her for the rest of her days.

Like a soft, cooling breeze, a memory floated into her consciousness. The feel of her mother’s soft lips on her face. The sound of her siblings laughing in the yard. “Remember that Jesus loves you my darling. And He will always be with you.” The sound of her mother’s words filled her heart and her soul, sending cooling waters to calm her spirit. Even in these moments of pain, fear, and brokenness, He was still her with her.


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By God’s Grace,