Sophia’s fingers hurt from twisting them around each other as she had been doing for the majority of the morning. Asking father for something could either be extensively intimidating and rejection enhancing, or it could be the complete opposite; Full of excitement, hope and happiness. It really all depended on his mood and the sensibility of the request in question.

She took a deep breath and straightened her shoulders. She was a descendant of a stalwart, brave lot, full of knights, nobility and even one famed ancestor who, though being a lady, had won in a jousting tournament against the king’s own bodyguard and most trusted knight. If only she could be more like Lady Agatha, the woman who, though dead these 30 years, was still talked about with pride and awe amongst the town folk. But Sophia was a timid girl. Always had been.

She had been teased unmercifully by the other children in town as being afraid of her own shadow. Truer words were never spoken, though she denied them frequently and vehemently. It wasn’t a rare occurrence that she would be on her way to the privy in the middle of the night and scream and run into the house when she caught site of the shadow she cast against the ground. It wasn’t always her own shadow, sometimes it was a tree branch, but nonetheless, it was a shadow.

Which is what made this whole escapade and request of her father all the more ludicrous. Summoning a deep breath, she raised her unoccupied hand and knocked on the door to his study. His characteristic booming “come in” reached her ears. She breathed a sigh and stepped in, fighting the urge to run the opposite direction. She needed to do this. It was about time she started to participate in things. Or else how was she to ever marry?

“What is it dear?” Was the distracted question from her father as he glanced up at her, then returned his gaze to the numerous papers strewn across his desk that he was flipping this way and that.

“Well, I had a question.”

“Of course,” He looked at her over her glasses with a glimmer of amusement sparkling in his eye. “What else?”

Tongue tied for a moment, she squeezed her eyes shut and blurted out her question. “Can I go to the evening party at the castle. Kendrick invited me.”

She now had his interest. “Why would your brother invite you when he is courting?”

She drew a breath of relief. He wasn’t saying no. “They had a quarrel.”

Her father smiled and ducked his head as if to hide his amusement. “And Lisette refused him?”

She nodded. “For the dance. She said he was being obstinate and wouldn’t listen to her concerns.”

“Well, it’s about time that girl stood up for herself. Your brother needs to learn a few things about marriage being a team effort, not just the notion that he is the only one holding the reins.”

“So, may I?” Sophia put her other hand behind her back and crossed the fingers of both hands.

He gave her a knowing look. “Are you sure you can handle the castle at night?”

She blushed. He knew her too well. God forgive her for withholding the information that the reason she was going was to fulfill a dare. “Kendrick will be there and I think I am quite old enough not to be afraid of the dark anymore.” She puffed out her chest and shook back her brown hair off her shoulders.

“Well,” he gave her a nod and went back to his papers. “I’ll give my permission as long as your mother thinks it is all right.”

“Thank you father.” Jubilation rose in her. She was going to the ball, she would defeat her fear of the dark, and she would win the dare against the young Lord Peter Godhart. It was about time someone proved him wrong. She swished her skirts and left the room. She had many things to prepare for the party.


Medieval again this week. Apparently I am really in the mood for that. *grins* I just love it so much! I hope you enjoyed this as well! Let me know what you thought!

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