Writing Prompt 075

Welcome! For those who are new here, I thought I would re-explain the Writing Prompts as you will probably see quite a few of them! Writing prompts are where I pick a specific picture or line and write a piece of flash fiction based on that prompt. The minimum is 300 words. Other than that, there really are no rules. I have written over 100 prompts at this point, even though this one says 75, that’s because numerous writing prompts were multiple parts long because I couldn’t help myself. *wink* 

writing prompt 075

Zach pull his camera out and drew a deep breath of the frigid air. The chill prickled in his chest, but the fresh air tasted oh so good. The water gently lapped at the shoreline of the mountain lake and his eyes guzzled the gorgeous view. The mountain cast its shadow over the pre-dawn world and its reflection in the glass like lake looked like it’s upside down twin. He looked through the view finder, trying to find the perfect shot, but then slowly, his hands fell to his sides. No picture could capture this beauty as perfectly as his eyes were at this moment.

A shudder worked its way up his spine as he heard a distant explosion in his head. He drew another deep breath, this time sucking in the air as if it would save him. The truth was it had. Being out here had slowed and hindered the affects of the war trauma that still plagued his brain at every turn. They were less now, but occasionally they still sneaked up on him, tackled him from behind. It was almost more scary living life with an unidentified enemy whom he couldn’t recognize until it was too late and who seemingly jumped from around the least expected corner to grab him by the neck and choke the life out of him.

It was almost worse than the actual events that created the flashbacks in the first place.

A gentle nudge at his knee pulled him out of his intense focus of trying to keep the evil memory at bay. They were all consuming. Looking down at Nikita, he knelt and pulled her into a furry hug of empathy. She buried her face in his neck and shook sympathetically as he sniffed and swiped at a tear. He wouldn’t have made this far without her, of that he was certain.


Let me know what you thought of the prompt above!

By God’s Grace



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