Celebration! 3 Years No Poo!

I am so happy! It has been 3 full years since I started the No Poo hair method. 3 years since I have used any product aka tradition conditioner, shampoo, hairspray, powders or anything like that on my hair at all.  And I have done this successfully. I have done a lot...Read More

My Black Friday Shopping Haul!

I wanted to share with Y’all what my black Friday buys were! I made a few splurges on myself and am so happy with them!!!! Let’s get started!   I got some Lamplighter Theatre Audio Dramas!!! The deal was basically just free shipping, but I have been eyeing these...Read More

Pinteresting Hair Styles

  My HairStyle board on Pinterest is quite full. It is kinda massive ya’ll. But the fact is I love doing hair and I have so much fun transforming my hair into almost anything! I am so happy I made the decision to grow it out! So I hunted through my board and...Read More