What’s it like to juggle? I have a pretty good idea even though I don’t know how. Hypothetically, I know how to juggle tasks, not items. I love to multitask, even if it’s as simple as listening to a podcast and learning new things while working with my hands. 

But we go through seasons. It’s funny, if I tried to do everything I am doing right now last summer, I would have probably been in bed with a nervous breakdown. God brings us through seasons and our capabilities ebb and flow with those seasons. Sometimes our outward input feels so insignificant, but if only we realized that we were working so hard inwardly during that time, maybe we wouldn’t feel so unproductive. 

Think about it. During the seasons where you were too overwhelmed to pursue many things outside of the necessities, were you learning something in your spirit? Was the Lord cleansing your heart? Bringing you through a healing process? Teaching you some life lessons that would be useful later? Going through a relationship mess? 

We can’t do everything at once, and when our mind is being overhauled, how on earth could we expect our mind and body to keep up with the things that are “extra” in those seasons? Sometimes we are called to put everything but the bare necessities aside and get with Jesus. 

And that is okay. We’ve been taught and trained by the world that unless you are hustling and producing 100% of the time, you aren’t worthy. Girlfriend, sometimes it takes more strength and fortitude to take a step back and put aside the extras to get with Jesus and heal your heart. And unpopular opinion, that is way more important than the emails piling up in your inbox or the business ideas you’ve been pursuing. 

And don’t worry. He will redeem the time you spent away from those things. If they are from Him and a part of His purpose for you, you don’t need to worry one bit about taking a break when He asks. That dream was His first and He won’t let it die.