How do you keep your mind clear?

This world is full of clutter and so much of what we indulge and partake of is designed to make you addicted and add even more clutter to your life. Social media, movies, tv, books. . . specifically the different social medias, are designed to get you hooked. They specifically target pathways in your brain and elicit hormones that actually cause addictions within us. And I think a lot of us would admit that the more time you spend glued to your screen, the more cluttered, and un-peaceful you feel. 

Sometimes, you just need to get away. It’s not easy. I’ve been managing social media accounts for my own and for other businesses and I have a lot going on my phone at any given time. Designing, editing, posting, so much is happening all the time and notifications are enough to make me want to throw my phone sometimes. That’s okay, but there still needs to be a time to unplug. It’s hard for me to put it away, but it’s so worth it.

 Weekends are usually my time that I take myself off the hook and responsibility of responding right away or all the time. Connecting with your audience is good, and engaging with them on the regular is important to a thriving social media account, but our mental headspace is still more important. 

Are your priorities straight? Are you taking the time you need to spend with the Lord? To recharge and unplug? Unlike our devices, we recharge by pulling the plug out of the wall. Reset those rhythms, and make the time to put it down or put it away. Take yourself off the hook from responding right away. Set healthy boundaries. 

Maybe for you, that looks like only being “on” from 9-5 during the week. Maybe that means taking the entire weekend off. Maybe that means not touching your phone till noon. We won’t get the time we need to do important things unless we MAKE the time. Think about the books you could read that have been waiting, the projects that just never seem to get done, the book you’ve wanted to write. . . put the world aside for a moment. It can wait. You’d be surprised what a little self control and commitment could do. <3 

How do you like to unplug and recharge?