Don’t hide your crown!

You are a child of the one true King. The royalty you carry is not to be ashamed of. 

Picture you, a royal. The crown you wear is heavy. Some in the kingdom hate you for who you are and what you stand for; but, nonetheless, what you stand for is righteousness. You know that no matter what the peasants have to say, you will still stand up for your Father the King. Because everything He has done is right. Full of justice. His every word is true. You have every confidence in not only His righteousness, justice and right standing. . . but you also have complete faith in the ability he has to protect you and back you up with the legions of His army. 

Those who dare criticize the crown you wear, the responsibility  you bear, and the calling you share will rue the day that they were a mouthpiece of the enemy. 

For the enemy who rules in the shadow lands has his days numbered. His rule will not last forever, but the King’s will. You are on the winning side. You are standing with the victorious team. Not only that, but dread shall fill the shadow dwellers for their kingdom is defeated already. It is even now shrinking back from the light that you carry. 

Do not spurn the crown. Don’t be afraid or hide it. Stand confident in your calling for that crown was placed upon your head by the Ultimate Authority. He stands with you, even though others choose not to see Him. He is right beside you, His sword drawn, ready to defeat your every enemy. All it takes is one word from His lips and the naysayers bow. They will crumble under the power of HIs gaze and come to faith in Him because the only choice that they have is Life or Death. 

Remember who’s crown you wear. Remember whose responsibility you share and remember the destiny you bear. 

We are not without reinforcements. All of heaven is at your back. Stand like it.